Protect your home with Siterwell 10 year battery for smoke detector

 Smoke detector with 10-year sealed battery. These detectors are powered by sealed lithium batteries with a life span of 10 years. There is no place like home — a place of ultimate security and where you and your loved ones feel safe and protected. But sometimes accidents are unforeseeable. Being prepared helps to buy you time to escape, evacuate and protect what matters most to you — family and lives. There are many ways to prevent a house fire, utilising a smoke alarm is one of the easiest ways and is the best investment for household safety.


Why are smoke alarms important?

Installing a smoke alarm is crucial as it stands guard around the clock. Most fatal fires happen when families are asleep, leaving them with insufficient time to evacuate. A well-functioning smoke alarm will promptly trigger a shrill alarm giving a family some precious minutes to leave the house in safety.


How to install a battery-operated smoke alarm?

Setting up a smoke detector can sound like such a chore. However, installing a battery-powered smoke detector is very simple compared to the hard-wired ones. Anyone can install one and it can be just as easy as changing a lightbulb. All you will need is a stepladder and a drill to place the base plate of the smoke detector on the wall. Next, you’ll only need to place the required batteries on the base, place a cover over it - and job done.


How are smoke alarms powered?

Smoke detectors are either powered by batteries or household electricity. Battery-powered detectors are easier to install and since they remain on duty during a power outage, they are usually more reliable under critical conditions. To ensure your battery-powered smoke detector is operating properly, it is essential to choose the right battery for your appliance.


How to choose the right battery for?


Smoke detector with 10-year sealed battery

These detectors are powered by sealed lithium batteries with a life span of 10 years. Pros? You do not have to replace the batteries until the power dies down for 10 years, the detector will fire an end-of-life warning, signalling replacement. The downsides of a 10-year smoke detector are that it is 1-2 times more expensive than a detector with replaceable batteries. Also, when the batteries are weak or the detector malfunctions, the whole device will have to be replaced.


If you are still unsure of smoke detectors to choose, it is advised to pick batteries developed especially for smoke detectors and in compliance with safety standards. These 10 years batteries are evaluated and tested for reliability and have obtained the UL217 certification on Safety Smoke Alarm Standard (UTGT.S3277).


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